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Fly By Knight - TŌNGBÈI T-Shirt

Inspired by ancient martial arts movements, the "TŌNGBÈI T-shirt" is designed with the most comfortable body-centric tailoring. We reject the uniform factory assembly line patterns, believing that the arms should be seamlessly connected to the body.

While T-shirts worldwide compromise on cost by adopting uncomfortable and unattractive rectangular cuts with two sleeve pieces, we firmly say no.

Introducing the world's first T-shirt with a revolutionary TŌNGBÈI cut, rethinking the concept of "clothing as an extension of the body." This innovative design transforms clothing from a dull fabric assembly into an extension of the body's texture and skeletal structure.

Life can be refined; clothing should never be a compromise.

Most T-shirts are made of cotton, which is comfortable but lacks elasticity.

Fly By Knight martial arts activewear combines Yin-Yang blended cationic fabrics, offering an Oriental style and comprehensive protection. We call it the Martial Divine Durability series.

This fabric is not only comfortable against the skin and excellent at wicking away sweat and moisture but also features outstanding UV protection to shield your skin from harm. Fly By Knight martial arts activewear merges Oriental aesthetics with UV resistance, providing both style and protection during your activities, adding unique value to your exercise experience.

Martial Divine Durability Cationic Fabric

This is a high-quality Yin-Yang blended elastic double-sided fabric.

Not only does it provide a smooth, comfortable touch against the skin, but it also excels at wicking sweat and moisture, keeping your skin dry. The perfect combination of durable, elastic martial arts activewear and Yin-Yang blended fabric offers you a unique exercise experience.

Its features include:

▶︎ Skin-friendly and breathable

▶︎ UV protection

▶︎ Sweat-wicking and quick-drying

▶︎ Soft and dry touch

Additionally, it offers moderate rebound and comprehensive protection, ensuring you have both style and safety during your activities, enhancing your workout experience with unique value.

In recent years, it has become popular in the outdoor sports community, especially suitable for spring and summer wear.

Tōngbèi Tailoring

Worldwide, T-shirts typically follow a standard industrial cut: a rectangular piece of fabric for the body and short sleeves for the arms. This style emerged from assembly line production during the Industrial Revolution and does not truly fit the human body. However, we refuse to compromise. Inspired by the "tōngbèi" concept in martial arts, we’ve rediscovered the ideal T-shirt cut, where the arms are like fists connected through the back, forming a unified whole.

“Clothing is an extension of the body, not a limitation.”


Most T-shirts are made of cotton, which is comfortable but lacks elasticity. On the other hand, sportswear uses functional fabrics that are elastic but not comfortable enough. Through experimentation, we have found a blend that is both comfortable and elastic (95% cotton + 5% functional fabric), suitable for both movement and rest.

Size and Fit

Each of our sizes is individually patterned and not simply scaled proportionally.

Recommended size selection:

  • 150-165 cm, petite build: Hawk (S)
  • 155-175 cm, medium build: Crane (M)
  • 170-180 cm, tall build: Dragon (L)
  • 175-185 cm, muscular build: Tiger (XL)
  • 185-190 cm, strong build: Bear (XXL)

Kick Man 十路彈腿 LOGO Just Kick It!

Ten Road Tan Tui is the foundational set of forms in Northern Chinese martial arts, often considered the mother of all forms. One of its core movements is the bow and arrow stance with forward and backward pressing palms, poised and ready to kick.

The sixth form of Tan Tui features a pressing palm action with a forward bow and backward arrow stance, maintaining a straight spine and focused energy. The concentration in practice and the joy of movement are fully revealed through this creation.

-Design Inspiration-

The most successful sports icon in the world is Nike's Jumpman, brilliantly brought to life by Michael Jordan. Despite the efforts of newer brands like UA with its Meridian and Mandarin logo, or Lululemon with its stylized, none have managed to dethrone this king.

The silhouette of the basketball god, soaring through the air with an arm extended to the sky, captures the tension and aspiration to rise higher and higher, igniting passion worldwide. Air Jordan marked a pivotal transformation in the history of the sports industry.

Western mythology traces its roots to ancient Greek civilization. Icarus, who exerted every ounce of strength to fly towards the sun, even at the risk of melting his wings, embodies the relentless pursuit of soaring higher, capturing the essence of life in that fleeting moment of flight.

In contrast, Eastern mythology tells the story of Pangu, whose body lay flat to form mountains, rivers, and the earth itself. The tale of Kuafu chasing the sun involves not leaping upward, but racing horizontally across the land, using space to conquer time. His body stays close to the ground, feet always connected to the earth as he runs.

These stories, free of moral judgments, reflect how different cultures perceive their bodies through ancient myths.

The mother of Northern Chinese martial arts is Changquan, resembling flowing water and originating from Ten Road Tan Tui. Historically, most Northern martial artists learned Tan Tui in their early years, stretching and strengthening their bodies for two to three years to solidify their stance, rooting deeply upon landing.

Among the forms in Ten Road Tan Tui, the seemingly plain and flavorless sixth form, with its bow stance and pressing palm, stands out.

Transitioning between bow and horse stances, the front hand presses while the back hand forms a hook, creating a "大" shape with the body, continuously lowering the center of gravity, grounding the body as the fist rises from the feet.

While the world leaps upward with the mantra "Sky is the limit," we propose an alternative perspective for the body:

"Feet above the heart"

Fly By Knight Innovation proudly presents Kick Man, paired with the durable Tōngbèi T-shirt, merging cultural body icons, martial arts-inspired tailoring, and innovative, comfortable fabrics into a unified design.

"Clothing should never be a limitation to the body but an extension of it."

"Born for Martial Arts in Every Move, Craft Your Martial Life."

Fly by Knight Creative, a martial arts cultural and creative brand, conquered Europe and America and was classified as a "Cultural Renaissance Movement" during its fundraising phase in the United States due to its cultural nature.

We ingeniously blend tradition with modern fashion design, dedicating ourselves to infusing the spirit of martial arts into contemporary life. Martial arts are not merely about physical exercises; they are also enduring life rituals, akin to signals that recalibrate your chaotic thoughts. It's an incremental elevation from within to without, a departure from the vexations of daily life, and a reclaiming of mastery over life.

Through the exploration of martial arts culture, Fly by Knight Creative seeks bodily aesthetics, offering the most refined and tangible martial arts attire, Kung Fu pants, jackets, denim, cotton-linen, qipao-style tops, and through-back tees. Expertly handcrafted, our selection enables you to freely express your personality and preferences.

"We aren't pursuing retro, but rather, recovering authenticity."

The founder, Daniel Huang, is a martial artist, kung fu instructor, and also the founder of Fly by Knight Courtyard Hotel, where he used to teach his guests kung fu before COVID.

Daniel found his passion for martial arts when he was a teen. Yet, it was not until he met the grandmaster, Adam Hsu, did he have a huge breakthrough. Hsu not only taught him Long Fist & Baji Quan, but also the philosophy and history of kung fu, including what a real kung fu attire looks like. It was where the journey started.

The purpose of this project is more than reviving a unique kung fu attire. What we really want to do is to promote Chinese martial arts, and how it benefits our body. Join us now and recover your sensitivity through kung fu training!