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Tantui Thorough Pants

$ 129.00

【FBK】Tantui Thorough Pants

Punch powered with rooted feet - a simple yet crucial fact we always keep in mind.

with that thought in mind, we created the perfect pants for both martial arts and everyday life.

ever since ancient time, leg strength have always been a priority for martial artists. strong legs is a must for all styles. 

a good pair of pants should have top quality fabric, materials, breathable, extensive stretch ability, the design of cutting and etc.

Every since the thorough loop jacket came out, we had been getting many requests about having a pair of pants to match. we started digging ancient profiles about pants design, combing with modern fabric and sewing technology ideas and created this new stylish tantui pants inspired by martial arts movement.

Bracing Core and Holding Chamber - the main reason why ancient martial arts always require a belt or a sash to practice. we made it part of the pants, yeah, that's right, it's now two in one style.

Leggings isn't new, Shaolin monks have been using them for centries. tighten muscles strenghten movments like walking, runniing, jumping and squatting. 

FBK Kungfu Attire Set

EREBUS (Youtuber/ Martial Artist )

The core sensation of the "Fly by Knight Kungfu Attire Set" this time:

Actually, for a long time, we have developed a habit of making small adjustments to our clothes before and after certain movements.

These actions can be as minor as unconsciously scratching an itch or shaking a watch into a more comfortable position.

Pulling up the pants slightly before lifting a leg, adjusting the collar after a movement, occasionally checking the hem of the clothes...

Does this bother you? Everyone has become so accustomed to it that it seems like it doesn't have any impact, or rather, it's not something serious enough to be concerned about.

But, if there were clothes that make all these little movements disappear, don't you think it would be impressive?

Moreover, a voice in my head seems to say, "So... does that mean all my other clothes were... in a way, 'worn wrong'?"

From stillness to movement, and back to stillness... feeling the intricate details of one's motion, clothing should be supportive, or at the very least, it should not be a disturbance.

"Derived from martial arts, used for martial arts" – this original intention, when put into action, is immediately felt!

Three distinct sizes: Heaven/Earth/Human

At Tantui Pants, we embrace the understanding that human bodies come in various proportions. That's why when we developed our line of pants, we took three unique directions:

Heaven (天) is tailored for individuals with a taller build.

Earth (地) is designed to accommodate those with a wider physique.

Human (人) is crafted for individuals with a medium build.

The concept of Heaven/Earth/Human (天地人) embodies relativity, encompassing different sizes, lengths, and ideas.

Should there be any further questions, please feel free to contact us at: fbkkungfuattire@gmail.com